Jason Melius - 1st Assistant Director / DGA Trainee Class of 2009

Tiffany Anne Price

Jason Melius
1st AD (Non-Union Features)
DGA Trainee Class of 2009
SAG - Military Actor

Jason Melius, born on the north side of Chicago, grew up in the southern town of Fayetteville, GA. After a four year tour with the US Marine Corps, Jason settled in North Hollywood in 2004 and began knocking at Hollywood's front door. Since arriving, he premiered his first California-shot short comedy "Hey, Look What I Did!!" at the San Diego Film Festival as well as screanings of his follow-up "Running with Sickles" at the LA Shorts Fesitval and the Westwood International Film Festival.

Jason resently (November 2008) submitted an application to the DGA Training Program and is actively pursuing entering the DGA as an Assistant Director.

As a First Assistant Director:

I am a former U.S. Marine, but not a yeller or a screamer as I do not believe in that "old school" model. I possess the leadership qualities that allow me to get the best out of people and am an adapt problem solver. I am extremely punctual,  hard working and an absolute team player with a great sense of humor.  I am the 1st A.D. for you.

I have been trained under DGA 1st Assistnat Director Jim Whitworth and take my job very seriously. It's a passion. Very few jobs I have ever held have ever felt completely natural to me like 1st AD and I am dedicated to 'making my days' towards entry into the DGA.


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